The submission deadline has been extended to June 4th, 2023!

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Natural language processing (NLP) technologies have been widely applied in business domains such as e-commerce and customer service, but their adoption in the financial sector has been constrained by industry-specific performance standards and regulatory restrictions. This challenge has created new opportunities for core research in related areas. Recent advancements in NLP, such as the advent of large language models, has encouraged adoption in the finance sector. However, compared to other domains, finance has stricter requirements for robustness, explainability, and generalizability. Given this background, we propose to organize the first Robust NLP for Finance (RobustFin) workshop at KDD ’23 to encourage the study of and research on robustness and explainability technologies with regard to financial NLP. The goal of the workshop is to extend the applications of NLP in finance, while motivating further research in robust NLP.

The workshop will be composed of three components: invited talks, paper presentations, along with a shared task competition. We cordially welcome researchers, practitioners, and students from academic and industrial communities who are interested in the topics to participate and/or submit their original work. The topics and submission requirements can be found in call for papers.


The KDD registration is open.

Important Dates (Anywhere on Earth)

Abstract Submission Deadline (Optional) Tuesday May 16, 2023 (AOE)
Paper Submission Deadline (extended) Sunday June 4th, 2023 (AOE)
Submission Notification Date Friday June 23, 2023
KDD Registration Deadline TBD TBD
Workshop Monday-Tuesday August 7-8, 2023